A downloadable game

Based on the idea that plants alter their genetic makeup to survive in radioactive environments, and cabbage can help humans resist toxic radiation, the game takes you on a quest through a wasteland where your mission is to plant cabbages to help the earth resist the damage done to it. 

Get sent on a quest by a character, find what they want from you and be sure to go back to that same character so you can start on the next quest.  Talk to the witch, find the seeds, name the beast to succeed. 

The game has lots of glitches, we're working on them. Two of us made it without a programmer and used the jam as an exercise in learning how to make our own hand drawn characters, tilesets, and basic animations.  This was a first try and it will only get better from here!

Character Design: Daria Svechnikova  @svec.design
Tilesets and Code: Meghan Dove @mdovedesign http://mdovedesign.com/
Gameplay based on the tutorial by http://www.theindiestation.com/ 
Music courtesy of Thunderbishop https://thunderbishop.bandcamp.com/


CabbagesForChernobyl.swf 5 MB